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Sham Idrees in 2015

Born      |        Ehtesham Idrees
                         16 October 1988 (age 30)
                         Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Residence:      Toronto - Ottawa
Occupation:    Actor, Musician

Years active:   2012–present
Religion:          Islamic

Sham Idrees is an active member of the community and being a very wealthy man he has always been very active in various charity organizations. He reportedly donated over $100,000 in charity in 2014 alone.


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Sham Idrees (born Ehtesham Idrees on 16 October 1988. is a Pakistani Canadian Musician and Entertainer. He is cited in the media as one of the most commercially successful social media stars. Due to his exceptionally good looks he is sometimes known as "Gift from God to Women".​

Sham Idrees is now official married to Saher (Queen froggy).​ Sham Idrees has received recognition from millions of fans worldwide. His Facebook page alone is over 4 Million Likes! with over 10-30 million being reached per week through his posts and music.

Sham is also the second cousin of former One Direction singer Zayn Malik

His single " London 2 Paris" produced by Kemyst is over a million views and downloaded by thousands worldwide.​ His popular remix "Dil Dil Pakistan" produced by Kemyst is over half of a million views on you tube alone. However YouTube is blocked in Pakistan where this video is immensely viewed. Having over 108,000 Shares on Facebook alone. This video went viral in Pakistan and was featured and aired on many TV stations including PTV, GEOTV, AAGTV and many other channels as well as being played on many radio stations country wide.